Hey Girl Hey!

Taylor Strecker, a seasoned radio veteran, brings a wealth of experience in live radio, podcasting, interviewing, hosting, and live performances. Her journey began when SiriusXM producers discovered her distinctive raspy voice at a party, leading her to become the voice of Cosmopolitan magazine’s ‘Wake Up! With Taylor” straight out of college. Over her eleven years at SiriusXM, Taylor’s charming and vibrant personality earned her the affectionate moniker “lil’ shot of espresso for morning radio.”

Upon leaving SiriusXM, Taylor’s dedicated fanbase followed her into the podcasting realm. She launched her daily radio show, ‘The Taylor Strecker Show,’ on Patreon, and also hosts ‘Taste of Taylor,’ produced by Dear Media. Notably, Taylor frequently appears on podcasts hosted by her best friends, such as ‘The Toast’ and ‘Straight up with Stassi.’

In 2019, Taylor expanded her repertoire by joining her best friends’ podcast tour, “Straight up with Stassi Live,” as the opener and castmate. The success of this venture led to subsequent tours, including ‘The Bougie Bus Tour’ and ‘Mommy Dearest Tour,’ which concluded in 2023.

Her versatility shines through in various hosting roles, such as the ‘Getting Younger’ after show for Darren Star’s Younger on TV Land, Bustle’s ‘Taylor Tries,’ and the ‘Betches Brides’ podcast. Beyond media roles, Taylor seamlessly integrates her personality into brand partnerships with the likes of WeightWatchers, Truly, Rent the Runway, HelloFresh, eHarmony and many more. 

Taylor Strecker’s enduring passion for radio and performing continues to shape her dynamic career, making her an influential force in the ever-evolving landscape of media and entertainment. Her commitment to authenticity and connecting with audiences underscores her lasting impact as a beloved figure in the world of broadcasting.