Hey Girl Hey,

As some of you already know I am obSESSED with monogramming… I’m a New England WASP so putting my initials on any and everything is in my D.N.A! Buuuuuuut recently my talent-booker bestie from SiriusXM, @marigopr, hooked me up with this company on Etsy, CustomDkalsbyKalli. They customize everything from bags to glassware, office wear, clothing, stickers and so much more! The possibilities are endless and I just may trade in my initials for my full name like my new adobz customized clutch pictured above (yes it mine!!!). Obvi I love anything with my name on it because I’m narcissistic.   You can find all of their products on Etsy HERE!

I meeeean, seriously, how can you resist?!?!? Let me know what you think in the comments section below!



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