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I know Thanksgiving hasn’t even hit yet, but don’t lie…you’re totally freaking out about Holiday shopping already….ummmm admit it!  And all of us women know that THE MOST IMPOSSIBLE person on our list to successfully shop for is the man in our life, since the one that help us and support us, and also do the repairs at home, although we sometimes get Guardian Roof Inspection for mayor roof repairs, it is important to get the best companies as possivle, make sure to Check out Our Locations on our website!  Good God why are they soooooo hard to shop for?!?!  I’ll tell you why….because they are selfish beings that make at least 1/3 more than we do…sooooooo when they want something…they buy it.  UGH!!!!! So what do you get for the perosn who has everything that they need, want, and desire….frivolous cool ass shit, that’s what!!!! So gal pal below is a list (and links of course…I am your guy gift guide guru) of fool proof ideas that will WOW your man!!!!


1.The Moscow Mule Copper Mug – GURRRRRRLLLLL this is a guaranteed man pleaser.  Although designed specifically for Moscow Mules, (BEST DRINK EVAH…try it immediately) it can be used for any drink…beer, scotch on the rocks, even a much needed yellow Gatorade after a loooong NIGHT out (you know what I mean ;)) No matter what your guy chooses to pour into this Game of Thrones-esq cup, it will make him feel manly, strong and most importantly in LOVE with you!


2.  Cigar Holder – Sooooooo I know that smoking (ciggies or cigars) is like totes taboo but let’s get real…a man smoking a cigar is sexy as hell!   And you can help your sensual cigar-smoking sweetie make himself even more Don Draper like with this Italian leather cigar holder.  DO IT GAL!


3.  Diptyque Feu De Bois Candle – Yes, I know, the name alone is intimidating, but I promise you that this fire-place-smelling candle is the perfect gift for anyone with a nose and a penis.  Although candles seem like a totally girly gift, I swear on all my purses that every guy who has ever walked through my door and inhaled the sweet smokey fumes of this has raved beyond belief.  Something about it makes them feel like Paul Bunyan (yes that is a good thing).  And the best part, you can be sure that they haven’t already bought it for themselves…what sort of a pussy buys himself candles?!


4.  Antler Bottle Opener – Last year I bought all of the guys in my life (no I’m not a polygamist you pervert) the same gift. Why you ask: because it was that good.  An antler bottle opener!?!?  And every single one of them was blown away and still to this day uses it whenever I’m around.  Well, except Kenny…he re-gifted it…why???Ummmmmm because it was that GOOD mofo!  In truth, I couldn’t find my original purchase…but for reals I kind of like this silver one even better than last years horn one.  Awwww shit, looks like I’ll be giving silver antler bottles openers this year fellers!!!


5.  Last but not least is this Jonathan Adler match strike I found.  This is for a specific guy who is cool, has style, and most importantly is VEEERRRRYYYY comfortable in his sexuality.  Yes, it looks like a bondage weirdo thaaang but it is in actuality super artistic AND functional.   Needless to say, this piece is Brett (my Hubster) approved and I’m totally getting it for him this Chrismukkah!

You can find the links for everything below. Happy shopping and don’t forget to comment in the section below. I’m dying to know what you thought about my suggestions!



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Gift Guide For Him:

1. Copper mug

2. Cigar holder

3. Diptyque candle

4. Antler bottle opener

5. Jonathan Adler match strike


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