Goddess Girls Retreat 2018

Hey Girl Hey!

I can’t believe it’s almost been a month since our annual Goddess Girls Retreat in Miami…OMG take me baccckkkkkkk!  For reals, no matter how many times I get to go to the Versace mansion I still can’t get over the beauty, the history, and (best part) the fabulousity!!!!  It’s such a special place!  Speaking of special, it is precisely that to get to meet and spend time with my amazing listeners and to get to know you all on a whole new level!  You are my sisters for life!  So basically hey girl hey to all our goddess girls from years 1-3!!!  And if you are beyond jelly fish that you have yet to attend (and I know you are because I get your emails, DMs, and Instagram comments saying you are) then check out purposegirl.com to see how you too can get in on the action!!!