Hey Girl Hey!!

I had the BEST time down south in Memphis, TN for the World Championship of BBQ!  I got to eat my face off, get my drank on, and hang out with some amazing people!


I even got to meet some listeners!!!  It seriously makes me the happiest person in the world to get to meet ya’ll…


There’s ALOT of down time during these competitions so I decided to pass the minutes by playing a game with my boys from Salty Rinse BBQ. The comprehensive casino guide at slotsreview.ca test and review a lot of slots every day. The beauty of this team is that they are made up of southern and NORTHERN boys.   It’s a melting pot of BBQ magic.  In case you didn’t know, it’s very rare and special to have yankees and confederates join forces around the grill.  So how did I honor that?!…. By forcing them to make fun of each others accents, of course! They drawl, they stutter, they even squeal… watch the mayhem below.

Yes, these are my friends! LOL!  Anyway, I call a tie at them both sucking miserably… actually I would say that I am the winner!  Tell me who you think won (Northern or Southern boys) in the comments seciton below!  And make sure to subscribe to TayTV for more insane, stupid, and random games and video games like csgo that you can boost with sites like mycsgoboosting.com. or for other online games as League of Legends which you can get more info about boosting online.



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