Do You Have Any Questions?

When is the Live Show?

The show airs on the live digital streaming channel 24/7. After the live two-hour show (8:00 AM-10:00 AM EST) airs on the Live channel, it replays continuously for the next 22 hours until the next live show.

The live digital streaming channel can be found on the website by hovering over the Radio Show tab and clicking The Live Show.

The Taylor Strecker Show live digital streaming channel will also appear in the Library > Shows > Available Episodes section of the iOS11 Podcast App on the iPhone after the show is added to your Podcast App using the Private URL included with your subscription. Find your Private URL by clicking the ACCOUNT on our website menu, then scrolling down to “Private URL for Podcast Apps” on your smart device.

Can Time Shifters Leave Questions or Comments To Be Discussed Later On The Show?

If you would like to hear your comments on the show, email and we will try to address your email on the air during the Surprise Me Topic segment.

Is it better to listen to The Live Show via the website or smartphone Podcast App?

It’s really your personal preference. If you want to be on your computer during the Live show, hover over the Radio Show tab, and click The Live Show to play the show live from the site.

If you are playing from the website and you are playing the Live show, but hearing an old show, then it’s time to Clear your Cache & Cookies.

If you are on a smartphone and traveling, you’re best option is playing the Live show from a Podcast App.

How to find The Taylor Strecker Show Live Stream in Apple iOS 11?

Go to the bottom of the app, then go to the library, choose The Taylor Strecker Show, scroll all the way to the bottom of the feed and then choose “Available Episodes” and then “The Taylor Strecker Live Streaming Show” should be at the top! If you experience any trouble just email us at

How Can I Get Announcements Regarding The Taylor Strecker Show?

Sign up to our mailing list via the bottom nav bar of our website and follow us on Instagram @TheTaylorStreckerShow.

How Do I Use My Smartphone to Download and Listen to The Show?

For iPhone users, your phone already has the Podcasts app loaded on your phone and you can listen to the show there by following the instructions below. For Android users, you can download a free app like Podcast Addict. Most people can add the show to one of these podcast apps with a single click by following these instructions. Once you do, you will be able to listen to the live stream of the show (available 24/7 on a loop) and also the last 30 days worth of downloads from the archive. Additional older shows are available for download through our website only.

Here’s how you add the show to your favorite podcast app.
  1. Visit the website at, ON YOUR SMARTPHONE.
  2. Click on the ACCOUNT link on the upper right-hand corner. You will see a link that says Private URL for Podcast Apps at the top. Simply click on that and you will be prompted to subscribe and then the show will be added to the Podcasts app on your iPhone or Podcast Addict on Android.
  3. Open your podcast app and you should see The Taylor Strecker Show listed as one of the shows available there. Click on the show in your podcast app and you will see the most recent shows ready to download and listen.
  4. For iPhone users, open the show in the Podcasts app, then scroll to the bottom of My Episodes then click the link that says Available Episodes. You should see The Taylor Strecker Show Live Streaming there at the top. For Android, it may be at the top of the list of The Taylor Strecker Show episodes in the Podcast Addict app.
  5. If your vehicle has a newer car stereo that allows connections with your smartphone, you should be able to stream the live show or play any downloaded show in your app through your existing car stereo.
How Do You Protect My Credit Card Info Online?

Your credit card number and details used to purchase memberships online are not saved to our website. They are captured with a secure connection between the payment and processing and storage of the card info is actually done through our credit card processor, Stripe. Rest assured, Stripe has passed the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

Why Does My Taylor Strecker Show Live Stream disappear from my list of episodes?

Depending on your exact smartphone brand (Android, iPhone, etc.) – and the version and configuration of your Podcast App – your Podcast App may be configured to delete shows from your list of episodes that you have listened to. Thus, if you play The Taylor Strecker Show LIVE STREAM to the end, it may disappear from your list of episodes. Regardless, you should still be able to find it by searching all available episodes.

For the iOS 11 Podcast App, find The Taylor Strecker Show LIVE STREAM, and click the three dots (…) next to the Episode. The next screen should have a “Settings” menu option; click it. Then under Episodes, click “Custom Settings”. Next to “Delete Played Episodes”, make sure that is turned OFF.

Android’s Podcast Addict has similar settings to NOT do an auto-cleanup where it deletes the episode once you finish listening.
Just note that after making these changes, you will have to manually delete the other played episodes when you are done listening to them, or they may take up room in your Podcast App.

What’s The Best Podcast Apps for Android and iOS/iPhone?

For Android devices, we hear the best feedback about Podcast Addict.

For iOS, many have tried various Apps but they typically come back to the built-in Podcast App for iOS. It seems to be the most stable App.

However, it’s difficult to find The Taylor Strecker Show live stream in the iOS 11 Podcast App. The quickest way: Go to the bottom of the App, click Library, choose The Taylor Strecker Show, scroll all the way to the bottom of the feed and then choose “Available Episodes” and then “The Taylor Strecker Live Streaming Show” should be at the top! Unfortunately, you may have to repeat these steps the next time you open the app.

Why can’t I find The Taylor Strecker Show episodes older than 30 days on my podcast app?

Because new DNR subscribers were automatically downloading 700+ hours of data, and it was costing them a fortune, they made a change to the Podcast feed in 2017, where it will only load the past 30 days worth of shows. The full 30-day archive with download capability is available on the web in the Audio Archive section where you can download the individual shows that you want to hear and/or keep.

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