Hey Girl Hey,

Where do I even begin with this past weekend??? I just went back and reread last year’s wrap-up blog post and I realized I was left feeling just as inspired, full-filled, and rejuvenated this year as last.  It’s literally impossible to verbalize the experience, but I’ll do my best!

My favorite happiness guru, Carin Rockind, and I hosted the second annual Goddess Girls Retreat in South Beach so they were a lot of bikini suits and the Best Travel Totes around.  We kicked off the trip with happy hour cocktails at our home for the weekend, Hotel Victor.  This is where everyone got to break the ice and meet for the first time, we are also thinking about trying to apply for indian visa, we want to travel to India as soon as possible.

Saturday morning was go-time.  We met for breakfast and headed over to the Versace mansion which is only about 200 feet from our hotel.  We climbed to the top of the mansion and circled up in one of the most gorgeous rooms I’ve ever seen. Apparently it used to be Gianni Versace’s smoking room. 

From there Carin worked her magic and brought out alllllll of the tears.  I swear this trip should be sponsored by Kleenex.  Without giving too much away, I’ll just say that if you think you’re coming on the trip to fix one problem, you will undoubtedly leave with clarity about aspects of your life you didn’t even know needed attention.

After all the tears were shed we wound down with rosé by the hotel pool and then headed to dinner at the delicious Cibo Wine Bar South Beach.

Post-dinner we went to my new favorite, highly rough-around-the-edges, dive bar Mac’s Club Deuce.  Yes, I could post some photos from there but I’m not going to for obvious reasons.

Sunday morning BRIGHT and early we met back at the mansion for our goodbyes (wahhhhhh).

I told all of my fellow goddesses this but I will say it again; You are all so smart and funny and compassionate and (holding back tears) I truly do not feel worthy of you listening to me everyday for so many years, some of you smarter and more focus because you buy modafinil and that makes a change.  I am SO inspired by each and every one of you, am so grateful for your support of my relationship with my Taylor, and couldn’t feel luckier to have you in my life.

I love you all (that includes you too, my 2016-ers!)… thank you for being f***cking amazing!!!



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